Idle Heroes Celestial Island Adventure Mode Full Guide

Celestial Island is already one of the best ways to gain resources for free, but Adventure Mode makes those gains a hundred times greater.

In Adventure Mode you set sails on an adventure that lasts from a few weeks to over a month, granting you rewards along the way and a final epic reward once the adventure is complete.

There are some caveats on strategies you should consider, like which adventure to choose, what to upgrade on your ship and what to buy from the merchant. Everything will be answered here.

How Adventure Mode works on Celestial Island

First off, in order unlock Adventure in Idle Heroes, you need to upgrade your Watch Tower to level 6.

Once unlocked, you have to select an adventure, most of which will be hidden at first as you will find more as you progress.

When selecting the adventure, you will see rewards that you will gain once the voyage is completed.

After that you need to set your offensive lineup when battling other ships and then you’re ready to set sail.

While sailing, you will passively gain progress or you can use Stamina which is regenerates 1 stamina per 144 minutes to a maximum of 10.

Using stamina to Explore, will trigger a random event which might consist of more rewards, a merchant, faster progression or a battle which can also grant your faster progression depending on the outcome.

Stamina will always start at 10 on a new journey so it’s best to try and use it all before the end of a cruise.

Idle Heroes Cruise Rewards

Once the cruise is over you get the rewards you collected as well as a tech point that can be used to upgrade your fleet.

It is good to note that all rewards and items you buy in Adventure will only be released to your inventory once you fully finish the voyage.

Upgrading your Engine will make you complete routes faster thus speeding up your whole progress.

We showcased upgrade priorities later on in the guide.

Which Adventure to Choose?

Each adventure route has different lengths and different rewards. The longer the cruise time is, the higher the rewards are.

Generally you want to go for the 9-star puppet routes as overall their rewards are better, but if you really need 6-star light or dark fodder, it is also a very viable option.

Below you can see the different route lengths and rewards you can get from the normal adventures.

The distance units are mention in generic in-game units, which might give a more accurate depiction of the difference in length.

Note: The time durations showcased below are estimated with a maxed out engine, so the durations below include the +40 fleet speed boost from the level 6 Engine.

Also, the islands you unlock with ship levels don’t unlock all islands of that level. The rest of them have a 0.4% chance to drop from normal exploration and if found, will unlock as routes permanently.

Speed &
Fleet EXP &
Medal Rewards
Dwarven Ruins
Freddie Island
Ancient Forest
Burial Grounds
Level 1
Clock Icon 7 days
(1.21M units)
6 Star Fortress Puppet Icon 6 Star Forest Puppet Icon
6 Star Abyss Puppet Icon 6 Star Shadow Puppet Icon
Experience Icon 5K
Adventurers Medal Icon 2K
Abandoned Port
Temple Ruins
Level 6
Clock Icon 14 days
(2.42M units)
6 Star Light Puppet Icon 6 Star Dark PuppetExperience Icon 10K
Adventurers Medal Icon 4K
Gloomy Forest
Uncanny Manor
Magical Vines
Garrison Outpost
Level 10
Clock Icon 30 days
(5.08M units)
9 Star Fortress Puppet Icon 9 Star Forest Puppet Icon
9 Star Abyss Puppet Icon 9 Star Shadow Puppet Icon
Experience Icon 21K
Adventurers Medal Icon 8.4K
Dagon's AbyssExploration
(0.12% chance)
Clock Icon 25 days
(4.35M units)
9 Star Light Puppet Icon 9 Star Dark Puppet IconExperience Icon 21K
Adventurers Medal Icon 8.4K

Unlocking more maps in the Adventure

The weirdest logic and lacking in explanation are the different ways you can unlock new routes to use.

The shorter 6* puppet routes are unlocked first as you travel through your first expedition. Normal maps have a 0.4% chance to drop from the normal exploration events you do daily.

Once you earn enough adventurer’s medals to upgrade your ship to level 6, you will unlock the two light and dark puppet routes.

The light and dark puppet routes are a bit longer purely due to the puppets being more valuable, so if you don’t need them, don’t do those routes.

Finally after ship level 10 you will receive a 9* puppet route (Gloomy Forest) which you should start once you unlock it.

Same as the 6* maps, new 9* routes have a 0.4% chance to drop after starting a cruise with a level 10 ship.

Adventure Mode Hidden Route

As seen in the table above, the rarest routes are the 9* light and dark puppet routes, which might seem odd as a 9* puppet type doesn’t make a difference when using as fodder.

However, these 2 routes can only be unlocked by pure luck as a reward for completing your daily explorations with the ship.

Those routes grant the same rewards, but are quite a bit shorter than the other 9* routes. That means when you find one, always select it as your next trip.

These 2 hidden routes are not permanent, so they have to be activated as your next trip or they will disappear.

After starting such a hidden route, you will need to find another one to start it up again. If you’re very lucky, you can find a new one during your active rare route.

Best Battle Setup for Adventure Mode

Battling other fleets is one of the most efficient ways to gain extra distance fast. Sadly you can only encounter a battle by using Stamina.

There’s approximately a 23% chance for a battle to occur from a Stamina exploration, and the are two different types of rewards alongside extra distance. These can either be gems or medals.

When you first start a new route, you need to select 3 different lineups, which can be confusing at first.

However, you only need to care about one of them. The key is to put all your best heroes into the same lineup and always attack other fleets with that same part of the ship.

For example, put all your best heroes in the second (middle) row and always attack using the Weapon System to attack with your best team only.

The other lineups are of no use and have no penalties to you if other people happen to beat them.

One of the most common mistakes in Adventure mode is that people spread out their best heroes across all teams, when in reality you only need one good team.

It is good to note that many inexperienced players often set their best monsters in the first lineup, so it is often a better idea to put your best team as the second or third lineup.

Ship Upgrade Priority and Durability

The key factors with the Adventure mode ship is speed and durability.

The faster you can increase your overall speed, the faster you will progress and upgrade your ship further.

How important is Ship Durability?

Speed obviously makes you progress routes faster, but you also need to make sure your durability is at least 90, or your rewards start to hinder.

For every -10 durability below 90, your rewards from explorations will decrease by 10%, which is quite a lot. So for example if your ship is down to 50 health, you will gain 40% less rewards until your repair your ship.

Idle Heroes Fleet Upgrades

Similarly, if your durability is 60 or lower, your cruise speed is reduced by 25% and if your durability is 30 or lower, your speed decreases down to a whopping 50%.

This means you should always try to keep repairing your ship constantly, as it only costs 20 gems to repair 10 durability points and is definitely worth the price.

Ship Upgrades In-Depth

It’s good to know what exactly you get by investing into each part of your fleet.

Here you can see all the stats you need to know and you can compare this to the first table showcasing route lengths.

Fleet Engine Large Icon SpeedFleet Cargo Hold Large Icon StorageFleet Armor Large Icon DurabilityFleet Arsenal Large Icon Arsenal
1Cruising Speed: +0%
Distance per day: 86K
+0%100+0% HP
+0% ATK
+0 SPD
2Cruising Speed: +8%
Distance per day: 93K
+6%120+12% HP
+4% ATK
+10 SPD
3Cruising Speed: +16%
Distance per day: 100K
+12%140+24% HP
+8% ATK
+20 SPD
4Cruising Speed: +24%
Distance per day: 107K
+18%160+36% HP
+12% ATK
+30 SPD
5Cruising Speed: +32%
Distance per day: 114K
+24%180+48% HP
+16% ATK
+40 SPD
6Cruising Speed: +40%
Distance per day: 121K
+30%200+60% HP
+20% ATK
+50 SPD

Tech Point Priority & Upgrade Order

Your ship has a maximum level of 21 and each level gives a tech point that can be used to upgrade various bonuses.

These bonuses consist of attack boosts, cruise speed, cargo space and ship durability. There is a very clear order in which you should be using your tech points you gain from leveling up your fleet.

Fleet Engine Large IconWhen it comes to the upgrade priority, you should upgrade your engine to the maximum level first.

This will make your future voyages faster and therefore give your more tech points and rewards faster.
Fleet Cargo Hold Large IconOnce you’ve fully upgraded your speed, then move on to cargo to receive more resources.

If you are struggling to keep your ship over 90 durability, you might want to put a point into armor.
Fleet Arsenal Large IconThe arsenal will help you defeat other fleets during exploration, so this is the more useful option.

Again, upgrading your armor a little might make it easier to keep ship health over the limits.
Fleet Armor Large IconLast, you should finish upgrading the fleet armor.
This is last on the upgrade priority list as the reward and speed penalties happen below 90 durability.
The fleet armor will just end up giving you more peace of mind, but there’s no real use for 200 of it.

What to buy from the Adventure Merchant

When it comes to the Local Merchant in Adventure Mode, it is quite mediocre overall.

Each item showcased in the table below has about a 5% chance to be chosen into the selection.

The best value item in the merchants wares are Prophet Orbs, since they are harder to obtain for this price, only from Aspen Dungeon. The rest of the items are debatable.

Local Merchant Exploration Event

Arena Tickets can be valuable if you’re trying to push further in Inter-dimensional Arena, otherwise they’re not worth spending gems on either.

Finally come the question of Artifact Fragments. Red ones are definitely not worth anything, but Orange Exclusive artifacts like Energy Source can be useful in PvE scenarios like Seal Land.

However, there’s a very low chance to get a useful artifact from the fragments, which is why only high spenders who have tens of thousands of spare gems buy them, to be used as fodder in Ormus Workshop to upgrade other (better) artifacts.

All in all, the merchant is lackluster and aside from the occasional Scrolls and Orbs, your precious gems are better spent elsewhere.

ItemAmountCostNormal Cost
Hero Promotion Stone Large Icon Hero
Hero Promotion Stone Icon 5K
Hero Promotion Stone Icon 10K
Gem Icon 600
Gem Icon 1.2K
Gold Icon 10M or Gem Icon 675
Gold Icon 20M or Gem Icon 1.35K
❌ Buy with gold
from marketplace
Magic Dust Large Icon Magic
Magic Dust Icon 5K
Magic Dust Icon 10K
Gem Icon 600
Gem Icon 1.2K
Gem Icon 750
Gem Icon 1.5K
❌ Get from
Mysterious Chest Event
or Celestial Island
Heroic Summon Scroll Large Icon Heroic
Heroic Summon Scroll Icon 2
Heroic Summon Scroll Icon 5
Gem Icon 250
Gem Icon 625
Gem Icon 250
Gem Icon 625
➖ Same price
as marketplace
and Aspen Dungeon.
Prophet Orb Large Icon Prophet
Prophet Orb Icon 1
Prophet Orb Icon 2
Gem Icon 450
Gem Icon 900
Gem Icon 500
Gem Icon 1K
✔ Same price
as Aspen Dungeon,
cheaper than market.
Arena Ticket Large Icon Arena
Gem Icon 60
Gem Icon 100
Gold Icon 300K or Gem Icon 60
Gold Icon 600K or Gem Icon 120
✔ Only buy Arena Tickets
with gems if you
REALLY need them.
Wishing Coin Large Icon Wishing
Wishing Coin Icon 10
Wishing Coin Icon 20
Gem Icon 250
Gem Icon 500
Gem Icon 300
Gem Icon 600
❌ Only buy Wishing Coins
with gold from
Aspen Dungeon
Super Wishing Coin Large Icon Super
Super Wishing Coin Icon 2
Super Wishing Coin Icon 5
Gem Icon 400
Gem Icon 1K
Gem Icon 500
Gem Icon 1.25K
❌ Never buy
Super Wishing Coins!
You get them from
Monthly Events!
Red Artifact Fragment Red Artifact
Red Artifact Fragment Icon 50Gem Icon 500Not for sale❌ Not worth spending gems
Red Artifact Exclusive Fragment Red Artifact
Exclusive Fragment
Red Artifact Exclusive Fragment Icon 50Gem Icon 1KNot for sale❌ Not worth spending gems
Orange Artifact Fragment Large Icon Orange Artifact
Orange Artifact Fragment Icon 50Gem Icon 3KNot for sale❌ Used only as fodder
for Ormus Workshop
Orange Artifact Exclusive Fragment Large Icon Orange Artifact
Exclusive Fragment
Orange Artifact Exclusive Fragment Icon 50Gem Icon 5KNot for sale➖ Only for high spenders.
Used for Ormus Workshop.
Universal Skin Shard Package Large Icon Skin
Skin Shard Icon 50Gem Icon 3KNot for sale❌ Don't spend gems
on skin shards.
You will get some
from events.

All Exploration Events Explained

There are two different occasions that can cause an Exploration Event during an Adventure.

The main way is by using Stamina, which will trigger one of the events below and another way are the few daily events at the bottom, which can only happen once a day, but they don’t cost any Stamina.

Most of the rewards consist of various resources or extra travelled distance.

Adventure Mode Stamina Exploration

If you get a chance to pay gems for extra distance, you should always pay it.

When a reward is shown in units, it means travelled distance. In game you would see these as percentages in accordance to your current route length.

You can compare the reward distances between the table below and the Adventure maps table in the beginning.

Event TypeReward
& Chance
Adventure Mode Stamina Compass Large Icon No Event
(31.25% chance)
Gold Icon 500K (21.25%)
Spirit Icon 500K (21.25%)
Hero Promotion Stone Icon 200 (21.25%)
Magic Dust Icon 200 (21.25%)
Stone of Void Icon 500 (15%)
Adventure Normal Shipwreck Large Icon Shipwreck (no battle)
(16.17% chance)
Monster Souls Icon 400 (15.5%)
Chaos Stone Icon 80 (15.5%)
3 Star Hero Shard Icon 40 (13.8%)
4 Star Hero Shard Icon 30 (13.8%)
5 Star Hero Shard Icon 10 (13.8%)
Orange Artifact Fragment Icon 5 (13.8%)
Stone of Void Icon 500 (13.8%)
Adventure Battle Shipwreck Large Icon Shipwreck (battle)
(7.81% chance)
Heroic Summon Scroll Icon 1 (30%)
Super Wishing Coin Icon 1 (20%)
5 Star Elite Hero Shard Icon 5 (20%)
Senior Quest Scroll Icon 1 (20%)
Prophet Orb Icon 1 (10%)
-10 Durability
(if lost)
Adventure Local Merchant Large Icon Local Merchant
(7.03% chance)
Check the
table above
Adventure Another Fleet Large Icon Another Fleet
(11.72% chance for gems)
(11.72% chance for medals)
Gem Icon 50 (50% chance)
Adventurers Medal Icon 100 (50% chance)
Clock Icon 28.8K units
(can only get gems OR medals)
-10 Durability
(if lost)
Adventure Stranded Fleet Large Icon Stranded Fleet
(11.72% chance)
Clock Icon 28.8K unitsGem Icon -50
Adventure Route Large Icon Route
(0.39% for normal route)
(0.12% for hidden route)
Check the
table above
Adventure Windfall Chest (no penalty) Large Icon Windfall Chest (no penalty)
Max. 1 per day
(10% chance)
Adventurers Medal Icon 500
Adventure Windfall Chest (penalty) Large Icon Windfall Chest (penalty)
Max. 1 per day
(10% chance)
Adventurers Medal Icon 500-20 Durability
Adventure Storm Incoming Large Icon Storm Incoming
Max. 1 per day
(10% chance)
Clock Icon 57.6K units-20 Durability
Adventure Downwind Large Icon Downwind
Max. 1 per day
(10% chance)
Clock Icon 28.8K units
Adventure Fleet Under Attack Large Icon Fleet Under Attack
Max. 1 per day
(15% chance)
-20 Durability
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