Guild Altar Raid Feature

Idle Heroes Guild Raid Boss Guide

Guild raids are the main way to get more guild coins during the early game in Idle Heroes.

The guild raid consists of 60 different boss lineups, each more difficult than the last. Once a boss is defeated, you get guild coins proportional to the amount of damage you did to the boss.

In March of 2021 some Guild functionality and user-interface was revamped, but the Guild Raid functionality remains the same. You can follow this guide even with the new UI without any issues.

The new Raid functionality can be found in the Guild Altar.

How Guild Raid Bosses work

There are a total of 60 stages in the guild raid and once all stages have been defeated, the guild unlocks Flame Shrine, which is just an infinitely repeating, simplified version of the guild raid.

Each boss is more powerful, but also grants more rewards. All rewards consist of a combination of gold and guild coins.

The rewards are distributed depending on damage dealt. Alongside damage rewards, the player who deals the final blow to a boss, gets an extra reward.

Even if you didn’t attack a boss that was defeated, you still get the final kill reward, just no damage rewards.

You can attack a boss 2 times a day for free and then pay a few gems for 2 more extra attacks. If you do more than 1% damage to the current boss, you should definitely pay for the extra attacks.

Raid Boss Rewards

For simplicity, we will showcase the top damage dealer rewards, killing blow rewards and completion rewards for each boss. It is good to note that bosses 13-20 yield the same rewards and stages 21-60 give the same reward.

Raid Boss #Boss PowerTop Damage RewardKilling Blow RewardCompletion Reward
Guild Raid Boss Stage 1 #1Power Icon 320KGold Icon 75K
Guild Coin Icon 300
Gold Icon 10K
Guild Coin Icon 30
Gold Icon 5K
Guild Coin Icon 10
Guild Raid Boss Stage 2 #2Power Icon 1MGold Icon 90K
Guild Coin Icon 450
Gold Icon 15K
Guild Coin Icon 50
Gold Icon 6K
Guild Coin Icon 12
Guild Raid Boss Stage 3 #3Power Icon 3MGold Icon 105K
Guild Coin Icon 900
Gold Icon 20K
Guild Coin Icon 80
Gold Icon 7K
Guild Coin Icon 14
Guild Raid Boss Stage 4 #4Power Icon 10MGold Icon 120K
Guild Coin Icon 1.5K
Gold Icon 25K
Guild Coin Icon 100
Gold Icon 8K
Guild Coin Icon 16
Guild Raid Boss Stage 5 #5Power Icon 20MGold Icon 135K
Guild Coin Icon 2.1K
Gold Icon 30K
Guild Coin Icon 130
Gold Icon 9K
Guild Coin Icon 18
Guild Raid Boss Stage 6 #6Power Icon 40MGold Icon 150K
Guild Coin Icon 3K
Gold Icon 35K
Guild Coin Icon 150
Gold Icon 10K
Guild Coin Icon 20
Guild Raid Boss Stage 7 #7Power Icon 50MGold Icon 165K
Guild Coin Icon 3.75K
Gold Icon 40K
Guild Coin Icon 200
Gold Icon 11K
Guild Coin Icon 22
Guild Raid Boss Stage 8 #8Power Icon 70MGold Icon 180K
Guild Coin Icon 4.5K
Gold Icon 45K
Guild Coin Icon 250
Gold Icon 12K
Guild Coin Icon 24
Guild Raid Boss Stage 9 #9Power Icon 90MGold Icon 195K
Guild Coin Icon 5.25K
Gold Icon 50K
Guild Coin Icon 300
Gold Icon 13K
Guild Coin Icon 26
Guild Raid Boss Stage 10 #10Power Icon 100MGold Icon 210K
Guild Coin Icon 6K
Gold Icon 55K
Guild Coin Icon 350
Gold Icon 14K
Guild Coin Icon 28
Guild Raid Boss Stage 11 #11Power Icon 130MGold Icon 225K
Guild Coin Icon 6.75K
Gold Icon 60K
Guild Coin Icon 400
Gold Icon 15K
Guild Coin Icon 30
Guild Raid Boss Stage 12#12Power Icon 160MGold Icon 240K
Guild Coin Icon 7.5K
Gold Icon 70K
Guild Coin Icon 450
Gold Icon 16K
Guild Coin Icon 32
Guild Raid Boss Stage 13
#13 – 20
Power Icon 190M-400MGold Icon 255K
Guild Coin Icon 8.25K
Gold Icon 80K
Guild Coin Icon 500
Gold Icon 34K
Guild Coin Icon 34
Guild Raid Boss Stage 60
#21 – 60
Power Icon 430M-975MGold Icon 255K
Guild Coin Icon 9.75K
Gold Icon 100K
Guild Coin Icon 600
Gold Icon 34K
Guild Coin Icon 34

Is Guild Raid team building or lineup needed?

The guild raids are meant only for early- and mid-game players, which means that you should not focus your lineup with raid bosses in mind.

Only once you unlock the Flame Shrine and therefore greater rewards, should you start thinking about what lineup to use in order to inflict the most amount of damage.

As for guild raids, just use whatever your highest level and best equipped heroes are currently, as they will be doing the most amount of damage whether it be PvP or guild bosses.

PvE focused heroes like Heartwatcher or Delacium are a good idea to add in as they boost the rest of your teams damage in long matches against bosses.

If you happen to have a max level E5 hero, you will have defeated all guild bosses a long time ago with ease, so don’t worry about building a team or lineup for guild raids.

Raid Boss progress when leaving or joining Guilds

One of the most asked about, yet confusing questions about guild raids is how the progress transfers between guilds. Yes, the developers have thought of everything, so you can’t abuse the system.

When starting a new guild, the raid boss progress doesn’t carry over and always starts from stage 1 and the progress is always guild specific. This means if you beat all the bosses in a previous guild, that progress wont carry over to the new one.

However, if you already beat a certain boss previously, you will not get any rewards for defeating that boss in a new guild. This prevents farming guild coins by constantly creating new guilds and speed running the raid bosses.

It is also good to note, if you join a guild that has already defeated bosses, you will not get any rewards for the defeated bosses when you join. This means if you haven’t previously defeated some raid bosses that are defeated in your current guild, you should consider joining a fresh guild to get all possible raid rewards first.

Considering how difficult guild coins are to gain in Idle Heroes, it is recommended to take advantage of the raids and gather all the possible coins you can. However, if you have already unlocked the Flame Shrine, it’s not worth going back to any missing raids, since the shrine gives better rewards and has a cooldown after leaving a guild.

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