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Idle Heroes Guild Settlement Explained & Best Strategy

The Guild Settlement is the newest addition to the guild updates in Idle Heroes, replacing the old guild mill. The guild settlement basically allows you to level up settlements that will generate guild coins and guild solidus that can be used in the guild store.

The guild settlement progress depends on your guild mates as well as your own heroes, so you should think about which order to conquer the settlements for optimal gains. Thankfully we have all the strategies you need to conquer them efficiently.

How the Guild Settlement works in Idle Heroes

Let’s first cover the basic functionality so you understand why we need to do things in a specific order.

There are a total of 12 different settlements, each with 6 different reputation levels, ranging from indifferent to exalted.

Each settlement starts off at Indifferent, which provides you with 5 guild coins per hour each, adding up to a total of 60 per hour. Each addition to the reputation level will provide you with +2 guild coins per hour from that settlement.

Completed Settlement Ascension

This means it is best to do the settlements with the least reputation left for an ascension quest, for maximum gains. The speed of each settlement will highly depend on your guild mates, which you will learn about in the next sections.

Each settlement needs a specific class or faction of a hero to do a daily settlement quest in. Once you have gained enough experience on a specific settlement, you gain access to an Ascension quest.

An ascension quest needs you to beat a boss using a single hero of a specific class or faction, and if you beat the boss, your settlement will gain the next reputation level and thus increased rewards.

Guild Settlement Rewards

When levelling up your settlements, you gain rewards in the form of guild solidus, guild coins, player experience and settlement experience when finishing up Settlement Quests and Ascension Quests.

The rewards depend on the current reputation level of the settlement and you also gain more settlement experience depending on your hero star level. This means if you complete a settlement quest with a 10-star hero, you get more settlement experience than doing it with a 6-star hero.

Settlement Reputation LevelGuild Coins per hourTotal Experience Needed
(Adds up between levels)
Settlement Reputation Indifferent IndifferentGuild Coin Icon 5Settlement Reputation Experience Icon 0
Settlement Reputation Neutral NeutralGuild Coin Icon 7Settlement Reputation Experience Icon 5K
Settlement Reputation Friendly FriendlyGuild Coin Icon 9Settlement Reputation Experience Icon 20K
Settlement Reputation Intimate IntimateGuild Coin Icon 11Settlement Reputation Experience Icon 50K
Settlement Reputation Revered ReveredGuild Coin Icon 13Settlement Reputation Experience Icon 110K
Settlement Reputation Exalted ExaltedGuild Coin Icon 15Settlement Reputation Experience Icon 200k

Extra Rewards for Maxing Out a Settlement

Once you reach the Exalted reputation for a settlement, you will get a special reward alongside the increased guild coin output. This special reward consist of 1K gems and 20 heroic scrolls.

Exalted Reputation Extra Rewards

This means, once you reach Exalted on every single settlement, you will have received a total of Gem Icon12K gems and Heroic Summon Scroll Icon240 heroic scrolls for free as extra rewards.

Although these rewards are great and may seem tempting, you should still check the optimal levelling order in the end of this guide to max out all your settlements as efficiently as possible.

Settlement Quest Reputation Gains

Depending on your heroes levels, you will gain more reputation from your daily settlement quests as well as provide more bonus reputation for your guild mates. This means it is always best to use an E5 hero for all your settlement quests for optimal progress.

Hero Star LevelSettlement Quest
Reputation Gain
Daily Boost Given
to your Guild Mates
5 Star Hero LevelSettlement Reputation Experience Icon 300Settlement Reputation Experience Icon 10
6 Star Hero LevelSettlement Reputation Experience Icon 390Settlement Reputation Experience Icon 13
7 Star Hero LevelSettlement Reputation Experience Icon 510Settlement Reputation Experience Icon 17
8 Star Hero LevelSettlement Reputation Experience Icon 660Settlement Reputation Experience Icon 22
9 Star Hero LevelSettlement Reputation Experience Icon 870Settlement Reputation Experience Icon 29
10 Star Hero LevelSettlement Reputation Experience Icon 1,140Settlement Reputation Experience Icon 38
E1 Star Hero LevelSettlement Reputation Experience Icon 1,500Settlement Reputation Experience Icon 50
E2 Star Hero LevelSettlement Reputation Experience Icon 1,950Settlement Reputation Experience Icon 65
E3 Star Hero LevelSettlement Reputation Experience Icon 2,520Settlement Reputation Experience Icon 84
E4 Star Hero LevelSettlement Reputation Experience Icon 3,210Settlement Reputation Experience Icon 107
E5 Star Hero LevelSettlement Reputation Experience Icon 4,080Settlement Reputation Experience Icon 136

Gain Extra Reputation from Guild Mates

One of the cool things that makes this the GUILD settlement is that you gain passive reputation for all your settlements depending on what your guild members are doing.

Every time a player from your guild completes a daily settlement quest (not an ascension quest), you will gain reputation for the settlement they did the quest for. If they complete it with an E5 hero, you will gain the maximum of +136 reputation, as seen from the table above.

You can gain this passive reputation experience for the same settlement from multiple guild mates at the same time.

Guild Member Settlement Reputation Experience

It is important that you remember to complete your settlement quests every day to help out your guild members as well.

Note that if you have maximum reputation on a settlement for the current level, meaning that you have an Ascension Quest active, you will not gain any more reputation for that settlement before you beat the ascension quest.

This means that it is crucial that you try to beat all the ascension quests immediately once they become available, as to not waste any potential experience.

Optimal Strategy for Guild Settlement Levelling

Now that you know about all the potential rewards, you should think about how to reach those rewards in the most efficient manner.

To start off, you should do settlement quests in order to get all settlements from Indifferent to Neutral, as they require the least reputation.

After that, you should check which settlement is receiving the most extra reputation from your guild mates and focus on ascending that one first, as it will be the fastest way to gain a higher guild coin output.

Settlement Quest Reputation
(With multiple heroes in a quest, rewards are based on the lowest level hero!)

However, you should note that if you have a limited amount of E5 heroes (or don’t have a few for each faction), you should focus on the settlements that you DO have E5 heroes for, as they will give you AND your guild mates more reputation per quest. This is also important because the Ascension Quest bosses become increasingly difficult, so you will need a strong hero of the specific faction or class to defeat said boss.

If you don’t have a strong hero of a specific type, it is highly recommended to start building one just to progress in the guild settlement, as the passive guild coin rewards will be worth it in the long run.

Some factions are more difficult to progress, such as Abyss where you most likely will have just have a Delacium or Ignis against a strong Morax. This means you will need to build some heroes just to defeat these bosses.

Settlement Ascension Quest

However, you should remember that you can utilize void imprints for your heroes for easier progress, and it is definitely worth the 1K gems to reset, shuffle and then put back your void imprints, in order to beat settlements and keep gaining the passive reputation from your guild mates.

Guild settlements are similar to Seal Lands, such that it is a necessary evil to beat for passive gains, then you can just leave it alone and focus on other aspects of Idle Heroes like the Void Vortex.

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